8 Steps to Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Practice By Dr Dick ‘Vet Dundee’ Gelderman, The Wild and Wealthy Vetrepreneur from Down Under. He is famous for showing his clients how to increase the profitability of their practice and for the statement “That’s not a profit….THAT'S A PROFIT"

Extremely LImited only 500 available for free. Just included $9.95 P&H

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Dear Fellow Vetrepreneur,

Building a long term growth-oriented Veterinary Practice as an enduring wealth generating asset is every Vet’s dream. But making it through the “growing pains” particularly in a tough market and struggling economy can often pose quite a dilemma for my fellow Vetrepreneurs. Although your vision should and must be long term, it’s impossible to overlook the pressing short term challenges, obstacles and problems that need to be handled first - such as cash flow. You need more cash. You need more profit and you need it YESTERDAY! It’s great to have your 5 and 10 year plans but to go the distance - to get you through the short-term, temporary cash crunches and the demanding financial constraints of the moment, instant cash profits are priceless.Once you know how to generate all the cash profits you need, almost any time you want, to be able to fund your business’s growth, you’ll be able to become a lot more “Freed Up”, a lot more strategic and be able to focus more on your long term vision and goals.The problem is when it comes to making more money, most Vets don’t think at all about it. If they do, they think they need to work longer hours, invest more money on more expensive and wasteful marketing or staff and overlook the wealth that's right under their noses.

Have you ever found yourself saying there has to be a better way? In life and in business we are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking, as Einstein said. When you remove the old thinking of the past you open yourself up to a whole new potential existence on the playing field of life…Let me ask you a very bold question for a moment… What if you had such an abundant cash flow and profit from your Vetrepreneurial enterprises to take all the holidays you want, wherever you want, whenever you want...to one of your own multiple holiday homes in exotic locations… send your children to the best schools imaginable... buy yourself that dream car ... surprise your loved ones with amazing experiences and gifts... own your own holiday homes in any part of the world...and contribute massively to your favorite charities? Sounds like a dream life hey!? Well it might be easy to dismiss this as being too good to be true? But what if I were to tell you that there are a growing number of Veterinarians, just like you, who are achieving such results in their businesses and lives right now? What If I was to tell you that it’s not from applying some ‘secret formula’ or from unknown strategies, but from applying some of the same beliefs and distinctions used by some of the wealthiest and successful Veterinarians around world?

This is your chance to learn the same cash maximising profit exploding, Turbo Charge methods for FREE that others have paid thousands to learn from Vet Dundee himself…..

Dr Dick ‘Vet Dundee’ Gelderman is The Wild and Wealthy Vetrepreneur from Down Under. He is famous for showing his clients how to increase the Profitability of their practice.

The Vetrepreneur DVD is a full-on energy filled, adrenalin ride, powerful message that will hit at the heart of your business. Vet Dundee the wild and wealthy Vetrepreneur from Down- Underman from the Australian Outback is on a mission to solve that dilemma--for once and for all. During his life, business growth expert Vet Dundee has probably made more money for his Vet-based clients down under than any other consultant alive today.

On this DVD, Vet Dundee uses his raw passion, wild nature and pure energy to wake his clients up, pull their head out of the sand and take a good, hard, fair dinkum look at the reality of their business. Vet Dundee has an almost magical ability to show you how to tap into the hidden assets and undiscovered opportunities that lie within most Veterinary Practices to create stunning growth and cash profits.Vet Dundee will thrill you. He will challenge you. He may even annoy or offend you with his full frontal, ‘no-where to hide’ approach. Vet Dundee will simply not let you hide away from the truth any longer. He will force you to take a step back, see your business as it is and then forge a clear path forward to making it better as with the following client.

“At the early stage of the workshop I wanted to Kill Vet Dundee! I was ready to walk out because I couldn’t cope. Thank God I stayed. I knew you were talking about me and I knew that listening to this was the only thing that I could do to make changes that would make all the difference in my business for once and for all”

Vet Dundee attacks business problems and helps you to turn them into opportunities in many different ways. Often he ‘models’ ideas from other industries and superimposes them onto the Veterinary industry with startling results. For some clients who attend his programs he helps them to totally restructure their entire business strategy; for others he improves entire selling approaches. Sometimes he will help his clients make some seemingly small changes which combine to create a revolution for their profits.

Vet Dundee delivers a fist full of 24 carrot gold nuggets. When he talks even the most experienced Veterinarians take notes. His message is a simple, powerfully, timely message revealed in this non stop jaw dropping, fast paced in your face DVD, which by the way is FREE (at least until the current batch of DVDs from the production warehouse run out- so order now to avoid disappointment).

Conservatively speaking, people all over the world have made MILLIONS with the business building information contained within this 60 minute DVD.

Step right inside the croc infested swamp that is the first day of a live 2 day program as Vet Dundee courageously goes into a full frontal war against your greatest enemies in business apathy and (thinking of best word for this one). Fighting for the good of your profits with gusto Vet Dundee will cover off on:

  • Why 16% of Vet Practices just like yours are in serious danger and good people like you are losing money rapidly and they don’t know what to do about it. This was the final straw for Vet Dundee and he is currently planning a tour to the USA to a town near you to do something about it. He is coming all the way from Down Under on a mercy mission to show the Veterinarians in the USA exactly how the renegade, outback vets from Australia are making a killing with some basic proven, simple but powerful Turbo Charge systems.
  • The Biggest Reason Most Business Owners Suffer From a Shortage of Cash…
  • How you can Double, Triple and Quadruple the profitability of your Veterinary Business
  • Developing the critical “Seize Every Opportunity” Marketing Mind-Set· Why keeping your head in the sand is not going to work for you
  • Why bother spending more money filling your bucket with water if your bucket is full of holes
  • The real keys to becoming more productive, I wouldn’t have guessed this one
  • The number one secret that will change your entire approach to running your practice that will without doubt have one of the biggest impacts on
  • Why the protections and shelters that are being taken away by the government and this should scare the living daylights out of you into taking action to learn more about how to make their business work
  • Why it is absolutely insane to run your practice for anything less than a 20-30% net profit return and how you should be aiming much much higher.
  • How to be generating an after wage, after tax profit of $200,000-$500,000 from your Veterinary Practice which turns over $1m
  • How you can rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your practice and re kindle your inner passion for the business.
  • Why it is that you can’t keep doing what you have always been doing and expect the same results when the landscape of the industry is changing rapidly literally overnight.
  • Why veterinarians around the world are getting worse year by year in terms of their profits and how you can buck the trend.
  • A full frontal, in your face, wake up call that will force you to wake up
  • Tools, technologies, tips, strategies that you can use to fully leverage and maximise the business opportunities that come your way
  • How you can tap into the a pipeline of financial abundance that is flowing right above your head… all you need to do is know how to reach up and connect your personal business pipeline into it.
This is the Wakeup call you have been needing

Meet some Vets from Down Under who went from barely surviving to thriving within a couple of short years

"I'm pleased to say that our average consult fee has increased by a massive 16% on the strength of your strategies...and the clients are happy. And you are right, we had to get our 'headspace' attuned first - we're business people and veterinary is our vocation and service/product."

“Thanks to Turbocharging our practice, I’m now semi retired at the age of 36. I have the dream – a very successful business and a great lifestyle.

The bottom line is, it works!”

Dr Gary Turnbull BVSc (Hons)
East Port Veterinary Hospital
Port Macquarie



“I’m pleased to say that our average consult fee has increased by a massive 16% on the strength of your strategies…and the clients are happy. And you are right, we had to get or ‘headspace’ attend first – we’re business people and veterinary is our vocation and service/product."

Geoff Wilson, CoastVet



“Did some starts and sums after we talked. Tedious but based on numbers from last year and the fee increases I’ve implemented we should experience an immediate increase in gross income of $47,500. Not bad for a weekend away and a few hours in the office.”

Nick Emerton



“I might actually pay off  this yacht some day and have fat happy staff as well! Thanks again.”

Geoff Wilson



“After seeing you at the AVA, I wanted all my Vets to hear what you had to say. This workshop has absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Chris Blair



“The average consultation last week went from $130 to $150 partly due to price increases but partly due to up-selling and cross-selling plus our changes in admission and welcome procedures.”



“I really needed that! It was fantastic to get some much needed ideas that we can apply to grow our business and motivate our staff.”



“Dynamic presenters with strong messages. Categorically worth giving up a whole weekend and spending the money.”



“Revolutionary. Inspirational. Valuable. Profitable.”



“This seminar has opened my eyes on the extent to which we can better market our business, continue to improve our income and assess our performance. It has been a lot to digest and has been overwhelming in its scope.”


Gross fees

Minus Expenditure

Net profit
(ie taxable income to be split between J and I))

Accmulative net profit














































“PS Last financial year(04-05) the clinic ran at a $68,000 loss!!
Thanks for your time, I value your advice”


Now it's your chance, at no cost to you, to discover a taste of the Turbo Charge Strategies Vet Dundee covers in his live training programs and other products.

Your Sincerely,
Dr Dick ‘Vet Dundee’ Gelderman
The Wild and Wealthy Vetrepreneur from Down Under
“That’s not a profit….that’s a profit”